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  • Megham Karigena Lyrics English Translation — Thiru

    Megham Karigena Pillo Pillai, Won’t the clouds form, my dear? Vane Kurisena Pillo Pillai, Won’t there be drizzles, my dear? Dheham Tadisena Pillo Pillai,Won’t the body get drenched, dear?Jwale Anigene Pillo Pillai,Won’t the fire get extinguished, dear? Kannultho Padithe Nenemi Chene,If you speak through your eyes, What would I do?Confusion Ayane Lolopale,I am getting confused […]

  • The Umbrella Song Lyrics English Translation — Bilal Saeed

    The Umbrella Song Lyrics with English Translation in English by Fateh Singh, Bilal Saeed: It is a groovy and a great Punjabi song. Bilal Saeed is the songsmith of astounding music. The elegant Suhe Ve Cheere Waleya Punjabi lyrics of the tune with meaning in English are provided by Bilal Saeed, Fateh Singh. The loveable […]

  • Vegam Lyrics Translation — The Ghost (Movie)

    Neeli Neeli Sandram, Ningiloni Megham, Blue is the sea and the sky is full of clouds Ninnu Chera Mandi, Antu Leni Vegam, Towards you takes a speed that knows no boundaries. Ninnu Dati Pode, Kanti Papa Choope,My eyes just can’t resist you Nee Neeli Kallu, Nake Galam Vese,An entrapment is set by your deep blue […]

  • Mazaak Lyrics English Translation — Anuv Jain

    Mazaak Lyrics with translation in English by Anuv Jain: It is an ultra-modern and a graceful Hindi song featuring Sai Godbole, Rutwik Deshpande. Anuv Jain is the arranger of noble music. The easy-on-the-eye Kya Ye Mazaak Hai Hindi lyrics of the song with meaning in the English language are documented by Anuv Jain. The scrumptious […]

  • Dil Mera Lyrics Translation — Katari Veera Surasundarangi

    Dil Mera Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak, My heart is beating rapidly. Jum Jumka Jumka Ee Maiyalli, My body is getting restless. Tum Tumka Tumka Ee Manadalli, My heart beats. Shuru Preeti Dombrata Yedeyalli, I have fallen in love. Suy Suya Beeside Tangali,The cool breeze is blowing.Mai Maiya Takuva Hothalli, Toofanu Yedda Hage Usiralli,On this summer […]

  • Pinju Pinju Mazhai Lyrics Translation — Naane Varuvean

    Pinju Pinju Mazhai Pesuvadhenna Why do little raindrops talk to me? Pillai Pirai Sollum Seidhiyum Enna Why do they whisper my child’s name? Annakodi Aval AduvadhennaWhy does she sway like a swan?Andhi Pagal UrumaruvadhennaWhy have days and nights reversed? Muthumani Sudar ModhuvadhennaWhy do pearls of flame bombard me?Munnam Seidha Thavamo Ena EnnaWhy have I been […]

  • Yaarum Illa Lyrics English Translation — Naane Varuvean

    Yarum Illa Ponnerame Un Mayangal Dhane Kannorame In the golden hours of solitude, your magic adorns my eyes. Kadum Katrum Kai Veesume, Un Mounangal Ketkum Kadhorame The forest and wind sway for us. Your silence plays by my ears. Neeyum Nanum Vazhum Varai Kattil Engum Kadhal Mazhai As long as you and I live, it […]

  • Veera Soora Lyrics Translation — Naane Varuven (Movie)

    Veera Soora Lyrics with English translation from the Tamil movie ‘Naane Varuven’ featuring Indhuja Ravichandran, Dhanush is a wonderful song, and it has an admirable vocal music by Muthu Siripi, Yuvan Shankar Raja. The superior lyrics of the Veera Soora melody are provided by Selvaraghavan. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the maestro of YARUM ILLA’s famous […]

  • Rendu Raja Lyrics Translation — Naane Varuven

    Orey Oru Oorukkulle Rendu Raja Irundharam Once upon a time, there lived two kings. Oru Raja Nallavaram Innoru Raja Kettavaram One of the kings was good, and the other one was evil. Iravu Irulai Illai Endral Nilavin Velicham TheriyadhuDark is the night or one cannot see moonlight?Arakkan Oruvan Illai Endral Iraivan Maghimai PuriyadhuIf there was […]

  • Ki Kariye Lyrics English Translation — Code Name: Tiranga

    Chal Challiye Chal Fadd Lai Tu Meri Baanh Come over, and hold my hand. Chal Challiye Chal Kar De Tu Mainu Haan Let’s go! Say ‘yes’ to me. Naina Vich Oh Ranjhana Tere Noor Barasda AeOh, sweetie, you have a lovely glow in your eyes.Bheeg Loon Isme Aaj Raat Dil Yeh Tarasda AeMy heart craves […]