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  • Urike Urike Lyrics English Translation — HIT 2

    Rane Vachava Vani Na Korake Veche Unnale Did you come as the rain for me? I am waiting. Neetho Thechava Edo Maimarupe Unnattunnale Did you bring something mesmerizing with you? I am here for you. Nuve Edurunna Thaduthoone Pilichane Nine EvarantooYou are in front of me but I kept searching and calling.Kalam Parugulne Brathimali Nilipane […]

  • Naa Madhi Lyrics English Translation — Thiru

    Naa Madhi Lyrics with English translation from the Telugu movie ‘Thiru’ featuring Nithya Menen, Dhanush is a pleasing song, and it has a noble performance by Dhanunjay Seepana. The snazzy lyrics of the Naa Madhi canticle are provided by Srinivasa Mouli. Anirudh Ravichander is the moderator of NA MADHI’s four-star music. The loveable music video […]

  • Megham Karigena Lyrics English Translation — Thiru

    Megham Karigena Pillo Pillai, Won’t the clouds form, my dear? Vane Kurisena Pillo Pillai, Won’t there be drizzles, my dear? Dheham Tadisena Pillo Pillai,Won’t the body get drenched, dear?Jwale Anigene Pillo Pillai,Won’t the fire get extinguished, dear? Kannultho Padithe Nenemi Chene,If you speak through your eyes, What would I do?Confusion Ayane Lolopale,I am getting confused […]

  • Vegam Lyrics Translation — The Ghost (Movie)

    Neeli Neeli Sandram, Ningiloni Megham, Blue is the sea and the sky is full of clouds Ninnu Chera Mandi, Antu Leni Vegam, Towards you takes a speed that knows no boundaries. Ninnu Dati Pode, Kanti Papa Choope,My eyes just can’t resist you Nee Neeli Kallu, Nake Galam Vese,An entrapment is set by your deep blue […]